Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My name is Mary and I'm a shop-aholic

Yes, it is indeed true. I love to shop. As we drove through Branson to see where things were, I saw a lot of shops and am eager to go see what there is to buy there. Being in an RV puts space limitations on me, however. Drats!!

I love to shop AND I love a sale. I used to think anything marked down was a good buy, but over the years I don't get excited until I see at least 50% off. That's a sale!!!

A week or two before we left Texas, I was shopping and came across a wonderful winter coat that was marked down to $9.99!! Imagine that! It wasn't my size, but only a couple of sizes too large. The wheels were turning as I considered how I could take it in here, shorten the sleeves there, etc. etc.

Well, knowing that we would be in our RV for who knows how long, I passed on that wonderful bargain and left it for a sister shopper who maybe needed it more than I do. I keep thinking of that coat, though. I hope that whoever ended up buying it really needed a bargain like that.


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