Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's Party Time!!

My sister is having a party for her husband's 60th birthday in a couple of weeks. She is so creative!! Her husband had very serious major surgery several months ago and so she has asked all of us women to come dressed in
nurse costumes. I thought she was joking when she said she wanted us all to dress as "naughty nurses". She wasn't joking, however, and knowing her husband Joe, he's going to really get a kick out of it.

We all were very concerned about Joe's health not too long ago. Our prayers were answered, though, and he is just fine. I guess to have a good laugh now is the best way to celebrate that he is better than ever.

So, we're all going to squeeze our over 60, over weight, drooping bodies into short skirted nurses costumes. I think it'll be a hoot! I may post some photos here from the party. Then again, maybe I won't. =)

Until next time,


Traveling abroad

My daughter and her husband just left on a business trip abroad. Once they got everything ready they were excited to be going, but I must say, it strained my daughter's nerves trying to get all of their papers in order for the trip.

The biggest problem was that they needed to get a passport and time was of the essence. Well, my daughter is very savvy when it comes to working under pressure. Before we knew it, she had found a a passport service on the internet. Imagine!! Only my daughter would think to look on the internet for passports.

Anyway, she got their papers all in order and off they went on their trip. She amazes me sometimes. I had her send me that site too so I could bookmark it for future reference. I still have my heart set on a trip to Europe one of these days.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Goodbye to a special neighbor....

My neighbor is moving and I am so glad to see that she has help with that stressful process of moving her entire house to another state.

Most of us have used moving companies at one time or another, but the one she found is exceptional. She said that U-Pack Moving will deliver a trailer or a ReloCube to her home, she will pack her things into it, then they will pick it up and deliver it to her new home safely and soundly. She said the savings is incredible and that she had been able to get a quote online before hand. I really like that idea. I checked out the site and have bookmarked it for future reference.

My brother the golfer!!

We just got back from visiting my brother Fred in Minnesota. Fred discovered golf when he was a very young man. He's an excellent golfer himself, and has a group of friends who share his passion for the sport.

While we were there, he was telling us about a trip he and his friends have scheduled. One of the guys went online and found a great site where he was able to book an Orlando golf vacation. He was even able to schedule tee times at the golf courses they wanted to play as well as hotel rooms and so forth.

My golfing husband got the URL for the website they used from Fred before we left. He said he and his golfing friends are going to book a golfing trip to Orlando for later this summer. He can hardly wait.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Help for these financially challenging times...

We have always kept tight reins on our finances and the peace of mind that goes along with that is invaluable.

I realize however, that many are struggling during these times, so I asked for some advice from a CPA friend of ours.

He said that what he would recommend that those who are drowning in credit card debt would be to look into a balance transfer credit card. This would enables a person who has credit cards charging high interest rates to transfer that balance to a card that is offering 0% interest rate. That would save you a ton of money right off the bat. Then, you could take that money that would normally go towards interest and apply it to your balance owed, thus paying it off sooner. What an excellent suggestion! Don't you think? I sure hope this helps those of you that are feeling stressed over your bills!

Until next time,


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How to make pork and sauerkraut by a "KRAUT"

Unless you make your own sauerkraut, buy it packaged in a jar, NEVER in a can. (mom says!! ) You can use either a roasting pan or a dutch oven. My sister Alice uses her dutch oven, I use my roaster. This recipe makes a lot, so if you're cooking for two or don't like leftovers, I suggest you cut this recipe in half.

Pork and Sauerkraut

Drain two large jars of sauerkraut. (some people rinse it. I do not)
Put half of the kraut into the pan
Next lay pork chops or pork ribs (I have six chops)
Cut 6 med. potatoes into 1/4 sized pieces and place in pan
Put the other half of the kraut over this.
Add a cup of water

Cover and cook 3 1/2 hours at 350
Serve sour cream on the side for over the potatoes.

My sister Alice is a great cook. She says that she grates her potatoes into the kraut and cooks potatoes on the side. This time I have grated two large potatoes into my kraut and also put the cut up potatoes into the pot. We shall see how that works out.