Sunday, July 5, 2009

Taking care of our teeth

I think my kids get tired of hearing me preach on the importance of taking care of their teeth and taking care of their kids' teeth. It is so important. Unfortunately dental care and any medical care is so expensive. If a person doesn't have insurance, well, they often just can't afford the visit.

In doing some research on this subject I came across a site that offers dental discounts. The site is Besides dental discounts they also offer help with hearing aid expense, vision care and even insurances. It is certainly worth checking out.

Read some of the testimonials. I was impressed and I think you will be too. Do check them out.

Saving those precious memories

Our grandchildren are growing up so fast. Two of them just had birthdays and two others are coming up in the Fall. I'm so glad that we all have digital camcorders in our family. If we miss the party, we know that we can watch the recording and it's just as if we were there.

When our kids were young we had an 8mm video camera. We had to have huge flood lights with it and a long cord as well. The whole process was clumsy. Now with digital ones they are all battery operated and you can go everywhere with them and take videos no matter what the environment.

These special times are so precious and as everyone grows up and older, those old movies are even more special. If you don't own one yet, I hope that you put a video camera on your list of things to get soon. They keep our treasures safe.

Staying healthy

I was talking to my cousin yesterday and he was saying he was looking for Mesothelioma lawyers. He has been diagnosed with mesothelioma. He's been feeling so bad lately and we were all so surprised when they finally diagnosed his problems.

The most important thing we have at this time in our lives is our health and so we need to guard it for all we're worth. Especially eat well, and get some exercise each and everyday.

I think that it's also every bit as important to laugh a lot. Surround yourself with fun people who like to laugh and who have a great outlook on life. Laughter is so important and has been found to increase a person's immunity against sickness. So, be sure to add laughter to your day's activities.

Stay well.